International Powerman Assosication (IPA)
aims to support, promote and unite the sport of duathlon and all its participants. The IPA has the character of a non-profit organization of race organizers with the common goal to establish a world-wide duathlon series of the highest quality and sport standards:

Powerman World Series. Powerman is the premier event label for duathlons and consists of the biggest and most well-known duathlon events in the world.

Athletes of all ages from every corner of the world travel to train, challenge, compete and strive to become the World’s top Powerman duathletes.

The IPA focuses on the triangle relation of athletes – federations – organizers and concentrate our effort to create the best race experience for all parties. IPA recognizes the need of cooperation in a good faith with the federations.

The World Duathlon Championship is held every year in Zofingen, Switzerland.