Protection of Personal Data

Rossist Event & Organization Disclosure Notice Regarding Protection of Personal Data and Processing of Personal Data.

Personal Data

Your personal data is your data that can be identified in a way that is different from other individuals. It is an obligation for us to transfer your personal data in the legal and human relations we establish in social life. In this text, as Rossist Event, we aim to explain why we need your personal data, how we obtain them and how we process them.

Whose Personal Data Do We Collect?

Apart from our staffs, suppliers and solution partners who are in business relations with Rossist Event we collect your, our customers, personal data.

Data Collection, Data Processing Methods, Our Purposes:

·       With the data transmitted to us within the scope of registration by our customers who register for the events on our websites, we produce documents that prove the performance such as invoices and receipts. In this context, declarations regarding our customers' name, contact information and residence are requested.

·       We keep the data given to us for the convenience of fulfilling the sales contract-based requests of our customers, such as return or defective products.

·       We keep the personal data of our customers who have registered on our website for the establishment of the distance sales contract, the completion of the registration process, the follow-up of the transactions related to the registered event and the communication about the changes, and share them with the financial institutions that mediate the payment and the cargo companies operating in the country which we have an agreement with.

·       The information regarding age, gender and preferred activity of our customers who register from our office or our website is used as data in our sales analysis and various statistical studies to provide better service to our customers and to determine the trend in the market in which we operate. These statistical studies are displayed by the relevant unit managers of the company as a general sales report. Unauthorized personnel do not have access to customer data.

·       As Rossist Event, we process the personal data of our customers who fill out the registration form within the framework of the registration system we have established, in accordance with the principles we have specified together with the membership agreement. Our customers are included in the program by accepting the terms of the contract for the events they are involved in. By analyzing the shopping habits of our members, we inform them of appropriate information on the communication tool that they have conveyed to us through the membership agreement. We generate sales analysis and statistical data that do not contain personal information from our members' shopping-related data.

·       In the data processing activities within Rossist Event, Transfer of customer data abroad is out of question.

·       As Rossist Event, if you give your consent, we will send commercial messages to the contact address you have specified so that you can be informed about current campaigns, event dates or events and take advantage of special offers. In order for these commercial messages to reach you, we deliver your contact address to third party companies that we have agreements with.


Data Security

Rossist Event does not transfer the data obtained from data subjects abroad. Unless required by the data processing activity, this data is not shared with business and solution partners. The collected data are stored and processed on computers and servers within the body of Rossist Event or by solution partners that provide data storage services domestically with which Rossist Event has an agreement.

Your personal data is accessible only by our authorized personnel operating in Rossist Event linked to the purpose of data collection. Rossist Event personnel do not perform data processing activities that are not covered by the personal data processing policy.

Our Understanding of Data Processing:

·       Rossist Event processes data in connection with the relationship and purpose that led to the data processing.

·       Rossist Event performs its data processing activities in accordance with the legislation, especially the personal Data Protection Law.

·       Rossist Event does not process data for any other purpose than those explained in this enlighting form.

·       Rossist Event actively checks the timeliness and accuracy of the personal data collected.

·       Rossist Event processes data within the framework of the purpose that caused the data processing and for a limited period of time associated with this purpose.

·       Rossist Event eliminates the data it processes by periodically anonymizing it when the purpose is fulfilled.


Data Subject's Rights

Rossist Event complies with the rights of data subjects in connection with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and the relevant legislation. These are your rights:

•      Find out whether your personal data is processed or not.

•      Requesting information if your personal data has been processed.

•      Find out the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately.

•      Know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred.

•      Request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing

•       Request the deletion or destruction of your personal data to the extent that the purpose of processing your personal data is realized.

•      In case your personal data is corrected or deleted, destroyed or anonymized, requesting that the situation and the actions taken be notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred.

•      Object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems.

•      To demand the compensation of the damage in case of damage due to the illegal processing of personal data, Rossist Event and related legislation acts in full compliance with your rights.